360 Scaleup Method: Funding Acceleration Formula

A 10-week Online Supported Program to Prepare Your Business For Investment, Obtain The Funding You Need and Accelerate Growth

This is a transformation program to define the vision for all aspects of your business in preparation for investment of £500k to £2m or more. Support continues in six months cycles to help drive growth.

Our promise: You will achieve an ROI of at least 10X from this program and raise the funding you need or we'll work with you for as long as it takes until you do.


Why Join This Online Program?

Even if you think you can work on models, strategies and plans on your own


And access our networks:

  • INVESTORS: Access our network of investor relationships good for £1m to £250m including 1000 VC's, 250 family offices and angel groups (fees apply)
  • BLACK BOOK: Access our network of 50+ venture builders for quality screened technology, growth and marketing services

What You'll Achieve

Step 1. Define

Fully define all key aspects of your business, develop your future-state operating model, marketing messages, execution plans and funding requirements


Step 2. Invest

Prepare your business for investment, launch your campaign and raise funds, or justify and allocate internal funds to your growth objectives

Step 3. Accelerate

Accelerate sales and marketing through well-defined short and long term plans and prepare your business to scale and grow to the next level and beyond

10 Core Modules | 3 Bonus Modules | 60+ Lessons | Exclusive Resources | 13+ Hours of No-Fluff Instructional C​ontent | Access To Coach and 3X $1m Entrepreneur in Residence

Online Program Curriculum

Welcome to the program

Get started the right way, connect with the group and instructor, review the program outline in detail, confirm onboarding and complete pre-reading

Step-by-step analysis, validation and execution to drive sales and funding in as little as 8 weeks

The 10 plans, strategies, models and campaigns every business needs to consider in order to grow at the right rate and raise capital:

  • Topic 1: Market segmentation
  • Topic 2: Business model
  • Topic 3: Product strategy
  • Topic 4: Strategic plan
  • Topic 5: Operating model
  • Topic 6: Financial strategy
  • Topic 7: Funding campaign
  • Topic 8: Implementation plan
  • Topic 9: Marketing execution
  • Topic 10: Company building

Stakeholder validation

A key part of this program is to obtain external validation from your advisors, board members, investors, customers and partners for your approach which accelerates progress significantly and creates more trust and confidence


Wrap up by learning best practices to ensure you can put your plans into action and succeed (monthly tutorials starting mid 2020):

  • Bonus 1: Lean startup methodology
  • Bonus 2: Organisational design for scaling
  • Bonus 3: Troubleshooting recommendations

Continued support

While some students prefer to attend the course and particpate in the online group only, others require higher levels of coaching support including weekly Q&A, document review and 1:1 support

Results you can expect

  • Develop a first-class investor pack and deal room
  • Solid funding strategy and ability to convince investors
  • Pitch perfect investor readiness
  • Increase sales and achieve required growth rate
  • High impact business plan
  • Strategic plans for yourself and your team
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Carefully crafted messaging
  • Product strategy and costings
  • Product improvements implemented
  • Resolution of your other big challenges

In a hurry?

Many business owners face confusion and overwhelm at times and if this is the case we'll work on a "quick-start" approach to tackle your burning issues first through our Pro coaching review process

Time commitment

You will need to allocate at least 2-3 hours a week for the course lessons, plus further time to work on your business analysis and design, and execution as normal

Rolling enrollment

The course is currently open for enrollment but may be closed at times to accomodate participants so early sign up is recommended

Investment (£)

Click on "Apply Now", watch the webinar and then book a strategy call so we can talk about your challenges and the coaching support you require to achieve the results you need


You are covered by our 14-day money back guarantee and a 100% results guarantee with coaching - see bottom of page for full details

Support Options

Private Online Group

Our private online group gives access to a growing community of members and essential guidance so you're never isolated on this journey

Pro Coaching

26 weeks of LIVE weekly Q&A’s, 1:1 feedback on key deliverables to ensure basics are implemented, and support for startup capital fundraising

Premium Coaching

Unlimited support for funding, revenue and growth with 1:1 strategy calls, MS Teams collaboration and unlimited document review

Our Recommendation: Get Pro or Premium Coaching From Start + Complete Core Modules in 10 Weeks

Your Instructor - Azfar Haider

Azfar is a 3X founder across SaaS, consumer products and digital services raising over $30m in the process with all companies reaching 7 or 8 figures in annual revenues. He personally runs the 360 Scaleup Method Growth and Funding Accelerator Program with a goal to take 100 clients to 7, 8 or 9 figures and publish practical methods that can help 1000's more.

"I love finding founders of startups and scaleups that are desperate to master raising $500k to over $1m, making step changes in their business strategy, revenue and profit, and working towards a scaled up organisation. After working with over 100 clients just like you, I know that you are likely struggling, frustrated and feeling like a failure when it comes to building a highly profitable business.  

Together, on these coaching programs we will work together to finally solve this and give you the '360 Scaleup Method' to ensure you master how to raise £500k to over £2m, and build a highly profitable business.  

I cannot wait to see you on these trainings and show you this system to ensure you build a highly profitable business and position your company to become market leader in your niche."

Azfar Haider, Founder CMS 360 Scaleup Method™

Getting Started

Click below to attend an on demand online class to learn more and then set up a strategy call to discuss your project.


Is This Program Really For Me?

The following are typical examples of clients where this program is best suited and not well suited:

This Is for You Only If You...

  • Need to raise capital but not making progress
  • Require a strong investor business plan
  • Launching an online solution but challenged
  • Developing new ideas for a high growth offer
  • Unsure how to go to market successfully
  • Existing business considering transformation
  • Overspending on product development
  • Want to join an accelerator but getting rejected
  • Joined an accelerator but need more structure
  • Just left an accelerator and now feel isolated
  • Sales have slowed and need plan to ramp up
  • Unclear about how to prioritise activities
  • People don't instantly understand what you do
  • Business is not currently proving profitable
  • Founder open to new ideas and self-development

But, It's Not for You If You...

  • Self-sufficient highly experienced management
  • Super-confident business strategists
  • Growing fast and no capital raising concerns
  • Optimistic outlook with no room for improvement
  • Working with a strategic consultancy
  • Prefer to rely on an advisory team
  • Prefer to work with onsite consultants or staff
  • Prefer to delegate strategy and fundraising
  • Prefer to use Google to find answers
  • Purely hands-on product-focused founder
  • Local business without global ambition
  • Unwilling to invest in external help
  • On track for scaled up profitability
  • Illegal products or services
  • Cannot allocate 2-3 hours a week

What Types of Businesses?

The formula will work for any type of business, for example:

  • B2B SaaS
  • B2C Platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Ecommerce
  • Online to offline
  • IoT Solutions
  • Physical products
  • Consulting services
  • Agency services
  • Hardware
  • Spinoffs
  • Mobility services
  • FinTech
  • MarTech
  • PropTech
  • LegalTech
  • EdTech
  • HealthTech


1. We're currently fundraising, already have a pitch deck and business plan so how can this help?

It's easy to become over-confident once you've built an MVP, have a working product or even getting traction. In the words of Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm:

"The number one reason that we pass on entrepreneurs we’d otherwise like to back is them focusing on product to the exclusion of everything else. We tend to cultivate and glorify this mentality in the Valley. We’re all enamored with lean startup mode. Engineering and product are key. There is a lot of genius to this, and it has helped create higher quality companies. But the dark side is that it seems to give entrepreneurs excuses not to do the hard stuff of sales and marketing. Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don’t have a good distribution strategy. Even worse is when they insist that they don’t need one, or call no distribution strategy a “viral marketing strategy.” Marc Andreessen at Peter Thiel's Stanford Class, 2012

So our primary goal here is to help you with non-product aspects but usually this means some changes to your product, distribution strategy, sales and marketing, and your fundraising campaign. It would be extremely rare that someone is unable to improve a single thing in their business by joining the program. More likely, you'll improve key aspects that will make a significant and meaningful impact on how you proceed and are perceived in the market.

2. I've read every book on entrepreneurship and now just need investors to see my vision so how can this help?

The reality is that most people only remember the title of the books they've read plus one or two snippets of information. So while books are essential to give us inspiration and provide reference material we need methods to help us reach our goals and that's what this program provides. The program utilises the essential insights of great leadership thinking and sequences the steps in a way that will get you there faster. Throughout, we reference key blogs and texts that are must-knows in today's market. On top of that, the coaching aspect provides strong reasoning and insights to help you make the best decisions for your future. 

With respect to investors, if the only thing you need now is investors then we believe you. We'll still be here when you've raised your capital and need help growing the business. On the other hand, if you can't find investors and can't convince them to invest in you then you will definitely benefit from this program.

3. I'm not looking to raise capital so how can this help?

You're in the right place either way. Our philosophy is that every high growth business should be ready for investment at all times and building relationships with investors. Many great companies have grown organically and we promote that through the program helping you to find ways to maximise your equity and do as much as you can before taking outside investment. The key is in the preparation because it becomes harder to prepare for investment at the time you actually need the money to continue or have found you can't make it work on your own. So if you're not looking to raise today you should use the program to focus on validating and extending your business model, developing ways to create a monopoly in your market niche, ensuring your business is well organised for growth and generating more traction and revenue.

4. I'm in a very specialised market niche so how can this help?

This program is designed to accomodate literally any type of business focusing on the 10 plans, strategies, models and campaigns every business needs. In addition, the coaching is focused on helping you through the process as opposed to providing you the answers to your specific market niche questions. You'll get those answers from within your industry, peer group, advisors, and mentors. Your instructor, Azfar Haider, built one of the first subscription service technology companies to 100 staff raising VC, then built a fashion business distributing through 100 stores globally, and has now established this digital business for an initial 100 entrepreneurs globally. The methods and deliverables apply the same across the board so despite being in a specialised market niche you are likely to find the program fits perfectly or can easily be adapted to your specific needs.

5. I already have a coach, mentor, advisory group or consultant working with me so how can this help?

The 360 Scaleup Method: Growth and Funding Program is a results-focused methods-based process to help you achieve defined results of greater revenue, investor preparation and funding (if you are raising). This works alongside your current support structure and we consider all of your advisors acting in any capacity as part of your stakeholder group that will be engaged during the program.

6. Are there any other costs associated?

You will need legal support for your country and jurisdiction. In the UK we recommend SeedLegals who provide packaged services as well as a number of specialist law firms. You will also need to develop a financial model with your accountant. We have a preferred provider of financial model templates which costs $30-$50 for a starter model. You may also need subscriptions to funding platforms depending on your niche, location and requirements.

7. What sort of founders or business owners join this program?

Generally speaking it's startup founders and owners of small to medium sized companies. It's really best for the visionary founder to do this program and not to delegate it although there are situations where that's unavoidable. You'll be in good company with:

  • Pre-revenue founders with a product idea and some activity underway
  • Revenue stage founders that are in need of help to get to the next level
  • Owners of small to medium sized companies that are launching new products and services
  • One thing that unites everyone is the realisation that you can't master everything on your own

8. What will I see when I sign up?

Depending on what level of the program you sign up for you will see the following tiles on your dashboard. The Growth and Funding Accelerator is the core program and you may optionally sign up for Business Plan Preparation providing unlimited review of your plan document. Additionally there are six mini-courses (currently under development) which are provided separately or as part of an ongoing membership option.

There's No Risk with Our Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be 100% happy about your investment in the program because that's essential for success. Join and try out the program and coaching for 14 days and if you don't believe it is right for you then you'll receive 100% of your money back. We only ask that you complete the first 3 modules (intro, market and business model) and have tried to get results with the funding acceleration formula.

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