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Hi, I'm Azfar Haider, the founder and lead coach of the CMS360 ScaleupMethod virtual coaching program. I'm also a mentor at Founders Institute, OneTech, Kickstart Global and Startup Leadership.

After launching one of the first SME SaaS platforms in New York raising $30m capital in 2000, building a 100 person team acquired by GoDaddy, and then a high-end fashion brand that sold products worldwide but got hit by the financial crisis, I needed to understand what can be done to safeguard consistent growth and scale for early stage businesses. Today 97% of funded startups and even 80% that attend leading accelerators fail, wasting $billions of capital, time, resources and even careers.

I've created this unique program to help entrepreneurs anywhere get to revenue, raise fundraising through an evergreen process, and reach true product market fit with the practices in place to scale globally.

Read on for coaching, courses and community to help your high growth business succeed

"The UK Scaleup Institute Annual Review 2020 highlighted that on average scaleups are 10 years old and are challenged to maintain growth, demonstrate the appropriate use of new capital and gain access to new markets. They essentially become unattractive to venture capital or private equity.

So how does a founder go from scaleup without failing over and over to learn how to do things or it taking 10 years? Join this program and THEN decide it's for you. I want you to be extremely happy with your decision or I'll personally work with you to make sure you get on track. My goal is to help you build a great business that can withstand the test of time and reach scaleup stage turbocharged for growth.Azfar Haider

Results You Can Expect

  • Accelerated progress by getting ongoing expert feedback for activities
  • Avoidance of a huge number of common mistakes that cause unnecessary failure
  • Ascend from idea through to building a sustainable 'million dollar scaleup'

What's Included...

  • Onboarding call for an initial assessment and to develop a personalised action plan
  • ​Q&A via a private slack channel to get day to day guidance
  • ​Live video Q&A catch up every 30 days or so to ensure progress is continuing
  • ​Access to proprietary review and planning system and scorecard to stay on track
  • Access to core methodology to go from idea to $1m scaleup in 7 key stages
  • Access to flagship course materials for revenue and funding that are proven to work
  • ​Access to a set of curated resources from around the web from thought leaders
  • Access to ‘black book’ of partners (for funding, product, design services, marketing)
  • ​Access to personal self-coaching report to help you stay aligned to your mission
  • ​Periodic mental health and wellbeing sessions with a virtual coach (coming soon)

Upgrade When Ready...

  • Join today and arrange an onboarding call when we'll talk to make sure you have a growth plan mapped out leveraging the core membership resources
  • Membership provides support for questions related to customer development, revenue and funding acceleration and get you to at least $10k pcm depending on your project
  • ​​As soon as you are ready in the future you can upgrade to our weekly Live Zoom Q&A or join the success mastermind launching Q1 2021 to get to $100k-$1m pcm or more
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This Is For You If You Are...

  • Building or running Software as a Service (SaaS), other subscription services, web and mobile applications, marketplace or other platforms, eCommerce, online to offline, using advanced technologies, automating or scaling lead generation, or dialling in your content marketing with a view to finding your niche
  • ​Revenue generating, growing quickly, or still idea stage with or without an MVP with a shared objective to reach 'escape velocity' and consistent high growth
  • ​Conscious that you'll need help to scale - anytime after joining you can upgrade and join weekly interactive Zoom Q&A's or the grow & scale growth program

Core Materials Providing Self-Study Guidance...

  • 10 modules, 68 units: Designed to help you prepare to meet investors the right way
  • Worksheets: To build structured business analysis that is key to success
  • References: Curated recommendation of must-know analysis from top investors
  • ​Measurable result: You'll have a solid "Evergreen Offer" for ongoing fundraising
  • Your goal: Become a fundraising superstar
  • Proven strategies: 21+ strategies with resources needed to drive revenue
  • AMR: Focusing on acquisition, monetisation and retention to turbo charge growth
  • References: To experts that can provide specific solutions at the right time
  • ​Measurable result: You'll have a quantifiable rise in revenue and growth rate
  • ​Your goal: Become a ninja marketer
  • Lean methods: Distillation of the core concepts that are vital for success
  • Positioning: Learn techniques that drive businesses to 6, 7, 8, or even 9 figures
  • References: To leading thought leaders that share how to get to product solution fit
  • ​Measurable result: You'll have a consistent release cycle with 2 week sprints
  • ​Your goal: Become a lean startup guru

These programs are core to our 7 part methodology and will help you to: validate ideas, receive continuous guidance across all needed topics, and achieve $10k-$1m pcm or more with true product market fit. Lesson units are released weekly after joining so as not to overwhelm you starting with the funding acceleration formula to define your market positioning, business model, product strategy and strategic plan. From there activities can run in parallel with customer development and revenue acceleration depending on where you are in your business.

Using The Latest Technologies To Facilitate Progress...

Slack Channel for Q&A

Course Learning System

Monthly Live

The above are included with your membership. Optional upgrade includes weekly interactive LIVE Q&A's.

14-day peace of mind guarantee with full money back in case the membership and programs are not for you. Alternatively invest in higher levels of engagement to help your business succeed faster.

Unlimited Referral Program
Earn £250 for every approved introduction that becomes a member!
(Paid on the referral's second monthly subscription payment)

The full ScaleupMethod program includes the membership, optional weekly live Q&A, grow & scale mastermind and many other resources.

Signup Now...
On joining you will receive a confirmation email along with a second one with booking instructions for your onboarding call. You will also receive login instructions for the learning programs and access to Slack for Q&A. Joining is 100% risk free and you have a full 14 days to try it out. Upgrade to Live Zoom Q&A's immediately or once you have the right revenue level.

Still have questions? Book a call below so we can talk about your goals.

Book A Free 30-Min Call...

This call will likely change the focus of your life forever:

  • FIRSTLY, we will talk to you about your biggest problem right now
  • Secondly we will help you solve it
  • ​And the 3rd thing we will do is give you a plan to get there. 
In order to qualify:
  • ​You must be a founder with a business or startup capital
  • ​You must have tough challenges that you want help with
  • ​You must be willing to do everything it takes to succeed. 
If that sounds like you then book a call using the calendar on the right hand side. You'll also be asked to complete a short form to provide some background which is mandatory for the call to go ahead.
A total of 60-mins will be allocated to allow us to continue and sign you up to the membership or other offers if we agree it's the right next step.
If the calendar booking form is not working for any reason please use the Intercom button on our home page at


  • Legal advice: ScaleupMethod programs are not designed to replace the legal advice and support you will require when building a business. For this you will need to engage a local law firm for commercial legal support and advice especially when fundraising, beginning to trade or dealing with trading counterparties.
  • Financial advice: ScaleupMethod programs are also not designed to provide financial advice and we are not authorised by any financial conduct authority for that purpose. For that you will need to engage an authorised representative that can provide such professional advice.
  • Fair use policy: ScaleupMethod programs are designed based on average support requirements. For the basic membership we will be able to deal with one issue at a time related to the core scope of customer development, revenue and funding acceleration. The service is not intended to be a replacement for required team members and external agencies.
  • ​Liability: All practices and recommendations shared are done so in the spirit of problem solving and fast-tracking progress. It is necessary for you to take full responsibility for any resulting decisions you make in your business and we cannot be held responsible for losses that may occur.
  • ​Community policy: Self-promotion and negativity are not to be shared within the community and will be cause for termination as is normal for community based programs. For support or problems we ask that you raise the concern directly with your coach.
  • ​Use of materials: Membership provides access to proprietary copyright materials which must not be shared, copied or downloaded and may only be accessed with a current subscription agreement.
  • ​Referral agreement: To qualify for the £250 referral fee you need to write to us at prior to or around the time of when the new subscriber joins.
  • ​Investment: To join and take advantage of the basic membership including funding, revenue acceleration and customer success programs with unlimited Q&A plus unlisted bonuses starts at £140 (US$197) for an entire month plus £110 (US$149) for a personalised workplan on joining.
  • ​Zero to One: This program is focused on those that are going from zero to one in Peter Thiel's terminology and not 1 to n. As such the majority of participants are creating new concepts to improve the future for their target segment.
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