CMS360 programs are personalised to prepare you for developing your business further and becoming investor ready. The programs are led by Azfar Haider utilising his experience as a serial entrepreneur, coach, and extensive experience as a management consultant. Azfar has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 5 years building on his successes conceptualising and starting one of the first VC backed cloud companies and then launching a bootstrapped fashion brand worn by 100's of 'A' list celebrities. Through his programs, Azfar shows you how to get started, what pitfalls to look out for, how to capitalise on opportunities, and how to optimise the value of your business and, most importantly, the value you bring to the table.

CMS360 High Performance Formula

Personal Membership High Performance Startup Essentials
RESULT: Expert Startup Guidance
21 Topic Startup Framework
7 Stage Development Process
8 Habits for High Performance
3 Step Cycle of Success Process
Expert Insights and Practices
Member Services
Interactive Forums
Email and Forum Support
Self-Study Course Short Videos and Guide Notes
RESULT: Accelerated Learning
Digital Product & Service Design
$100m Sales & Publicity Formula
Organisational Design & Ops Readiness
Startup & Scaleup Governance
Institutional Investor Readiness
Bite Sized Interactive Learning
Companion Worksheets and Notes
Discussion Forums and Email Support
Funding Accelerator Affordable Group Coaching Program
RESULT: Vision and Funding
Clarity of Vision and Market Strategy
Validated Business Model
Validated Financial Model
Execution and Competitive Strategy
Sales and Investor Traction
Investor Introductions (Success Fees Apply)
8 Self-Paced Modules (8 Weeks Typical)
Weekly LIVE Q&A Support
Success Mastermind 12 Months Program for High Performance
RESULT: 7 Key Success Criteria
Business Vision and Funding
Practical Management System
Optimised Goals and Objectives
Defined Values and Practices
Maintain Product Market Fit
Achieve Strategy Effectiveness
Achieve Organisational Effectiveness
Monthly LIVE Q&A Support

Satisfaction Guarantee

All digital products come with an unconditional 30 day full money back guarantee. We only ask that you provide feedback on your experience and recommendations for improvement. Workshops are guaranteed to cover the pre-agreed agenda although the benefits of the workshops are largely dependent on your circumstances. In all cases we want you to be completely satisfied with your investment.

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