CMS360 programs are personalised to prepare you for developing your business further and becoming investor ready. The programs are led by Azfar Haider utilising his experience as a serial entrepreneur, coach, and extensive experience as a management consultant. Azfar has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 5 years building on his successes conceptualising and starting one of the first VC backed cloud companies and then launching a bootstrapped fashion brand worn by 100's of 'A' list celebrities. Through his programs, Azfar shows you how to get started, what pitfalls to look out for, how to capitalise on opportunities, and how to optimise the value of your business and, most importantly, the value you bring to the table.

Coaching Services and Programs

High Growth Formula 1.0 "Done With You" Essentials Program
RESULT: Ability to Attract Funding, Sales, Publicity
Outcome 1: Clarity of Vision and Market Strategy
Outcome 2: Investor/Sales Pitch Materials
Outcome 3: 90/180/360 Day Operating Plan
Outcome 4: Sales, Publicity and Funding Pipeline
Outcome 5: Implemented Management Framework
Step-by-Step Modules to Get Results
8 Weeks, 8 Modules, 3 Group Levels
LIVE Q&A Support
Founder/CEO Advisory Commercialisation and Personal Success
RESULT: Working ON Your Business With You
Outcome 1: Competitive Strategy
Outcome 2: Strategic Partnerships
Outcome 3: Increased Accountability
Outcome 4: Optimise Growth
Outcome 5: Improve Culture, Vision, Processes
Generate Quantifiable Value Greater Than Fees
Collaboration Using Microsoft Teams
1:1 Meetings (Virtual/Onsite)
Startup Membership $1 Trial, $37 per month
RESULT: Implement Practices to Ensure Success
Outcome 1: Apply Organisational Framework
Outcome 2: Establish Consistent Review/Planning
Outcome 3: Learn Best Practices
Outcome 4: Build Credibility
Outcome 5: Initial/Increased Revenue
Spotlight Sessions and "Ask Anything" Calls
Workbooks, eBooks, Templates
Discussion Forums and Email Support

Strategy/Pitch Review $247 with Money Back Guarantee
RESULT: Rapidly fast-track progress
Outcome 1: Investor Perspectives
Outcome 2: Strategy Recommendations
Outcome 3: High Level SWOT
Outcome 4: Investment Options
Outcome 5: Presentation Feedback
Idea Stage to Growth Stage
Investor Pitching Tips Guide
eBook on Pitfalls and Business Success
Life Coaching Personal Mindset, Direction and Progress
RESULT: Personal Transformation
Outcome 1: Clarity of Personal Vision
Outcome 2: Managing Failure/Success
Outcome 3: Breakthrough Confidence
Outcome 4: Achievable and Balanced Plans
Outcome 5: Achieve Goals
Accountability Driven Results
Use of Proven "10 Question Formula"
Regular 1:1 Online Meetings
Learning System 1.0 Knowledge Base and Accelerated Learning
RESULT: Interactive Learning to Scale and Grow
Topic 1: Digital Product & Service Design
Topic 2: $0 to $100m Sales & Publicity Formula
Topic 3: Organisational Design & Ops Readiness
Topic 4: Startup & Scaleup Governance
Topic 5: Institutional Investor Readiness
Bonus: CMS360 Cycle of Success (MOOC)
Companion Worksheets and Notes
Discussion Forums and Email Support

Our "$5m" Coaching Clubs For Breakthrough Success

Our "$5m" clubs get you focused on targets of $5m of funding, $5m of sales pipeline, and $5m of tangible PR value. We believe that $5m is the magic target number for focusing the mind. Funding, Sales and PR are all interlinked. Results vary so you may achieve significantly more or less depending on your circumstances and your goals may need to be staged. We focus on high-tech, professional services, and fashion marketing via direct sales, partners, influencers, showrooms, trade shows, distributors, voice media, and print.

We have personal experience and success stories across the UK and US using a variety of techniques to get in front of decision makers and influencers resulting in $35m funding for a high tech company, $5m wholesale sales to 300 retailers and widespread Hollywood celebrity endorsement for a new fashion brand, $5m private placement for a fashion brand, $5.3m pipeline across 78 accounts for a high tech company in one year, a $3m deal for a software engineering firm and 20,000 users for an Enterprise SaaS.
$5m Funding Club Funding Guidance and Support
RESULT: Achieve Funding Requirements
Outcome 1: Understand Keys to Success
Outcome 2: Develop Funding Strategy
Outcome 3: Develop a Winning Pitch
Outcome 4: Build Momentum
Outcome 5: Know How To Handle Rejection
Intro To 200k Angels, 200 VCs (Fees Apply)
Support Between Meetings
Prerequisite: High Growth Formula Program
$5m Sales Club Sales Guidance and Support
RESULT: Revenue Acceleration
Outcome 1: Key Account Strategy
Outcome 2: Lead Generation
Outcome 3: Skills Improvement
Outcome 4: Strategic Partnerships
Outcome 5: Closed "Won" Deals
Collaborative Workgroup
Support Between Meetings
Prerequisite: High Growth Formula Program
$5m Publicity Club PR Guidance and Support
RESULT: Organic Awareness and Interest
Outcome 1: Personalised Strategy
Outcome 2: Online and Traditional Media
Outcome 3: Influencer Marketing
Outcome 4: Blog/Social Validation
Outcome 5: Tangible Results and Success
Effective PR Strategies and Support
Support Between Meetings
Prerequisite: High Growth Formula Program

Satisfaction Guarantee

All digital products come with an unconditional 30 day full money back guarantee. We only ask that you provide feedback on your experience and recommendations for improvement. Workshops are guaranteed to cover the pre-agreed agenda although the benefits of the workshops are largely dependent on your circumstances. In all cases we want you to be completely satisfied with your investment.