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360 Scaleup Method™



Who This Is For

360 Scaleup Method™ is for business owners who want to fast-track their company... to funded from $50k to over $1m... to profitability - with results starting in as little as 8 weeks

Other Benefits You Can Expect:

Shortening the time to formal market launch by as much as 96%

Saving "black hole" build it and they will come runaway projects

Accelerating traction 10X through strategy alignment

Avoiding the 21 mistakes that cause 97% of failures 

How I'll Help You

I designed the 360 Scaleup Method™ bringing together over 15 years of experience starting companies and researching best practices. My goal is to provide the most focused high value supported program to help entrepreneurs fast track success. This covers funding, sales and company building through effective execution.

To get started and learn more, register and attend my online class below which introduces 3 foundational building blocks that make a successful tech startup. Then let's talk.

"The Only Startup And Scaleup Coach In The World To Guarantee You'll Achieve Growth and Funding"

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In This Class You Will Learn:

“How Founders of Startups and Scaleups Can Master Raising $50k to Over $1m WITHOUT Needing a Harvard MBA Using The 360 Scaleup Method” 

(A pure content 45-minute class - no fluff, no filler and nothing to buy) 


Our Programs: Go To Market and Funding

Funding Accelerator

  • Program with guaranteed results
  • Supporting 8 module masterclass
  • 21 topic framework for driving KPI's

Customer Development (Search)

  • Lean startup best practice coaching
  • Guidance for product development
  • Advisory partnerships for technology

Capital Raising

  • Introducer arrangement (optional)
  • Access 15,000 angels and funds
  • Advisory partnerships for VC

Sales Acceleration

  • Month to month membership (optional)
  • Weekly sales Q&A
  • Best practices for sales processes

Please see the FAQ section below for further information on how the Go To Market pogram is run

Results: Go To Market and Funding

Strategic Alignment With Customers And Investors

Validated Business Model And Product Market Fit

Funding of $50k to $1m+ and Increased Cash Flow

Results starting in as little as 8 weeks working just a few hours a day from anywhere

* Achieving specific funding and revenue goals is dependent on your business model, situation and other factors (see guarantees below)

Our Programs: Scale and Grow

Customer Development (Execution)

  • Lean startup execution masterclass
  • Formal market launch (or re-launch)
  • Growth marketing partnerships

Organisational Design Methodology

  • Complete methodology and tools
  • Design the business you want to build
  • Repeat for each venture capital round

Global Market Development

  • Structured mastermind
  • Execution problem solving
  • Expert opinion and case studies

Results: Scale and Grow

Achieve $1m-$100m ARR

Venture Scale Operations

Growth Capital Readiness

* Achieving specific funding and revenue goals is dependent on your business model, situation and other factors (see guarantees below)

Business Strategy and Operations: Review and Planning Workbook

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Peter Drucker

In order to measure, improve and do the right things we developed a framework for review and planning to help you. This is central to our programs and invaluable whether you’re just starting, scaling or growing your business.

  • 7 themes, 21 topics  
  • 4 part review process 
  • 8 management practices
  • KPI scorecard system 
  • Objective key results 
  • Continuous improvement

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Funding... Guaranteed? Yes.

If you follow the program methods we guarantee your ability to raise funds for your business within six months or you'll get unlimited support until you do. The amount raised needs to be realistic and fundraising is also dependent on getting sufficient sales traction, presenting the right way and ensuring you have sufficient stakeholder alignment which the program guides you on. With this approach you can achieve $50k to $1m of funding or more. 

Growth... Guaranteed? Yes.

Again, if you follow the program methods we guarantee your ability to grow your business within six months or you'll get unlimited support until you do. The growth rate has to be realistic for your business model and available funds. We'll guide you on 21 specific topics of your business to establish the systems and activities you need to grow up to 10X in a year.

* For both funding and growth there is a minimum of $25,000 as a written guaranteed amount you will achieve

Are You in Business "Hell" or "Paradise"?

Are you overwhelmed by all the information you have available to you?

Are you worried about how to get back the $10k, $50k, $100k, $250k or more you've invested? 

Are you secretly struggling along convincing yourself it'll all work out?

Are you selling and closing deals with ease or keep getting rejected?

Are you applying to accelerator programs but keep getting rejected?

Have you completed an accelerator program but are now more isolated than ever?

Have you raised capital but now running out and don't have the traction you need?

Do you pitch for investment at events but don't really get anywhere?

Do you believe that the only thing you need now is someone's money to make your idea fly?

Are you truly enjoying the journey or suppressing the pain and worry?

If you're in "Hell" then be true to yourself and realise there might be a better way.


1. How do these programs work?

High Performance Formula is an advanced coaching program allowing you to work from anywhere. Our core program is focused on turning your business plan ideas into an actionable strategic plan, making sure the approach is right, and developing documents needed for professional and institutional investors. It consists of 6-8 weeks of training in the form of online course modules combined with weekly LIVE Q&A and daily support via our private Facebook group. This way we are able to provide up to date methods and practices to help you build your business. The format also makes the programs highly cost effective compared with hiring consultants or advisors.

2. Is this like an accelerator program or incubator?

Accelerators and incubators are great for... acceleration and incubation. We believe that a founder needs more consistent longer term support to get a high growth technology based business up and running and sustainable. We promote the idea of accelerators and in some cases they are a perfect fit for our founders because of their sector specialisation and focus. Our ongoing support, management practices and methods will be relevant and a game changer for you whether you participate in a traditional accelerator program or not.

3. How is a detailed strategic plan different to a pitch deck and what do I really need?

The most important document you need is a detailed strategic plan. Without this you are very likely to miss crucial aspects of your business concept and will not have answers for investors when you need them. A pitch deck should be kept simple and reserved only for the pitch itself. A business plan verified by lawyers is also needed when you are raising capital from sophisticated investors. Most people don't understand these requirements and lose valuable time trying to get this right.

4. What's actually involved in the Go To Market and Funding Accelerator Program?

We start with the strategic plan as it is the core design of the business and includes 23 key elements including: vision, mission, shared vision; backstory; market size analysis; user scenarios; business model; value proposition; SWOT analysis; concept diagram; product roadmap; competitive analysis; operating model; roles and responsibilities; strategic planning framework; CSF's and KPI's; milestone plan; business practices and habits; objectives and key results; strategies on a page; risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies; business environment analysis; assessment of key risk areas; and a well-defined financial model. 

We then guide the development of your investment offer and key marketing materials including a 1-pager, investor pitch deck and a sales deck, all based on market best practices. All of this and more is achieved in as little as 6 weeks. At the same time as developing your strategy and documentation we'll guide you on building your investor network and then pitching and troubleshooting investor feedback until you succeed. In addition, we'll engage our own investor community where applicable.

5. What guarantee of success is there?

The nature of our program format and our specialist deep experience allows us to offer an unconditional guarantee to help you until you succeed. For example in our Funding Accelerator program we offer an unlimited guarantee to work with new startups until you achieve a minimum of $25,000 in sales or funding. We can offer this because of the way we have structured the program work and our expertise in our field and ability to identify ways to move forward. In addition to this sort of guarantee we offer a standard 30 day guarantee in case you are not happy after signing up giving you complete peace of mind. So that's a double guarantee to ensure your success and satisfaction.

6. What about getting investment?

Of course every startup and company scaling up or growing needs to consider investment and so we have sourced excellent investment options. We are now able to take a company from Angel to seed funding to venture funding and pre-IPO through our membership of highly selected Angel groups and syndicates, and partnerships with specialist corporate advisory covering Europe and the US. However, you must have a strong business model, strategy, the right documentation and traction which is where most fail. For new businesses you'll also need a certain level of pre-commitments. We'll show you how to do all of this as part of our programs but you have to do the work to get there.

7. What are the application process and qualification requirements?

Every founder should first attend the online class to learn about our core building blocks and will be offered a free strategy call if appropriate. On this call we'll discuss your business needs and if there is a good fit you'll be offered a place on the program. You must have a business under development preferably with traction already. You must have sufficient funds to sustain your activities and gain traction in the market. If you are a later stage business seeking funding we'll evaluate your strategy and plans on the call to determine what is best.

Self-Paced Training

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Ongoing Support

Founder Community

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Your FREE 45-Min Online Class

“How Founders of Startups and Scaleups Can Master Raising $50k to Over $1m WITHOUT Needing a Harvard MBA Using The 360 Scaleup Method” (A pure content 45-minute class - no fluff, no filler and nothing to buy) 

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