Pitch To Win course by CMS360. Get Investor Ready.
Pitch to Win
February 24, 2019

Funding Accelerator

Funding Accelerator by CMS360. Get Investor Ready.

This course provides entrepreneurs a step by step system to define the business and prepare the project for presentation to investors or customers.
The course consists of 8 modules and is the result of extensive practical experience and research.

Module 1 Start Here!
Unit 1 Welcome to High Performance Formula Funding Accelerator
Unit 2 Register Here For The Weekly Q and A
Unit 3 Register Here For Our Private Facebook Group
Unit 4 Allow Me To Introduce Myself
Module 2 Market and Mindset
Unit 1 What It Takes To Achieve Success
Unit 2 Market Size and Type
Unit 3 Business SWOT
Unit 4 Investor and Media Profiling
Unit 5 Backstory
Unit 6 Module 3 Preparation
Module 3 Value Proposition
Unit 1 Shared Vision and Mission
Unit 2 Business Model, Strategy and Culture Document
Unit 3 Value Proposition
Unit 4 Legal Services and Financial Modelling
Unit 5 Investor Platforms
Unit 6 Managing Outreach and The Power 10/100
Module 4 Business Model
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Business Model Canvas
Unit 3 Operating Model Canvas
Unit 4 Business Success Factors
Unit 5 How It Works
Unit 6 Continuing Outreach - Linked In
Module 5 Competitive Positioning
Unit 1 Competitive Analysis
Unit 2 Product Overview and Roadmap
Unit 3 User Scenarios
Unit 4 Business Environment
Unit 5 RAID
Unit 6 Continuing Outreach - Asking for Advice
Module 6 Execution
Unit 1 Introduction to Module 6
Unit 2 8 Habits of Highly Successful Businesses
Unit 3 Business Strategies
Unit 4 Implementation Priorities
Unit 5 Management System
Unit 6 Roles and Responsibilities
Unit 7 Common Startup Mistakes
Module 7 Investment Offer
Unit 1 Customer Funded Business
Unit 2 Financial Model
Unit 3 Legal Services
Unit 4 Term Sheet and Cap Table
Unit 5 1-Pager
Module 8 Pitch
Unit 1 20-Min Pitch Deck
Unit 2 60-Sec Pitch and Video
Unit 3 Sales Presentation
Unit 4 FAQ's
Unit 5 Pitch To Win
Unit 6 Fundraising Campaign
Unit 7 Investment Memorandums and Business Plans
Module 9 Bonus: Marketing
Unit 1 How To Get More Customers
Unit 2 Lead Generation Funnels
Unit 3 Facebook Paid Advertising

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