An Evergreen Funding Strategy

Your ticket to raising $50k to over $1m for your business and scaling to profitability.

Every business needs capital for product launches, marketing and operations but very few are actually prepared for fundraising and scaling. Most also struggle with maintaining alignment of products to customer needs and the market. The reality is that 97% of funded projects fail to generate significant returns for themselevs or their investors and only 0.05% raise venture capital. An astonishing amount of capital is being wasted due to a lack of knowledge and misinformation.

We help you by establishing an “Evergreen Funding Strategy” that maps upto 10-15 types of funding to your business model, product strategy, operating model and personal core values and prepares you for meeting Angels, Institutions and Corporates. This helps you get to market faster, validate your offer, scale faster, keep more equity and retain more control.

This is for you if you are a startup, consultancy, software, ecommerce or product business.

Click START and join a short online educational class focused on your specific challenges to see if the ScaleupMethod is for you. Pure content, no fluff, no filler, nothing to buy.. and it’s FREE.


Our Mission is Clear:

To help ambitous business owners and founders go from product launch to growth funding and profitability, and help 1000’s more through our online programs.

Here’s The Why:

After building two high growth companies raising over $30m and yet eventually losing control it became abundantly clear that founders need help to get to market the right way.

Your Funding Strategy Should Be Your #1 Priority…

Whether you’re just figuring out your product, growing revenues or actively fundraising you’ll get the attention of top investors with our unique methodology that will help you raise your game on all levels and install our unique evergreen process into your business.


Funding Acceleration

Whether starting or scaling, if you don’t feel like a fundraising superstar then you need to elevate the priority of this and learn how to engage with the leading investors in the world



Revenue Acceleration

When you’ve got traction and can sell your product direct to customers then it’s time to build partnerships aiming for the top right out of the gate and creating the right offer



Customer Development

With capital and distribution will come greater need for alignment of your purpose with your products and that’s where our process helps you further develop your customers


Results 100% assured: If you are accepted onto the program, follow the steps and within 30 days don’t believe you will be able to get greater sales, get in front of at least 100 investors and get multiple legitimate investment or distribution offers then we’ll give you the extra support needed to get on track and if you still don’t believe you’ll achieve the results then we don’t deserve your money and you’ll have the program completely free.

Partnerships and More

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What Our Members are Saying

Clinton Ratanatray

The funding accelerator program gave us a massive step up and helped us structure the business for success. We’re well on our way to raising our pre-seed round for our marketplace with the confidence to execute from here.

Pippa Harman

Working with someone that has built two high growth companies has provided the realism for what’s ahead for my Ecommerce business and options that will give me more work-life balance while still achieving my goals.

David Bartlett

Building a SaaS company has been my dream but I could easily have taken short cuts and probably lost a lot of money. We’re now closing deals with our first clients and engaging with the group has been extremely beneficial.

Get ready to maximise your business opportunity


Just this simple workbook, with its objective setting and scorecard framework, will help you get your team aligned and provide you a better understanding of where you need to improve

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Questions & Answers

How do I validate my idea?

We can answer this by turning to a number of essential principles of systems design and lean startup methods. Read more here.

How do I define my business strategy?

Even major companies struggle with practical analysis methods. Strategy answers the questions of what, why and how and there are simple ways of doing this.

How do I get in front of decision makers to pitch my services?

Whether pitching sales or for investment there are some fundamentals of how to get your foot in the door. We look here at some of the basics.

How do I avoid being one of the 97% that fail?

The first step is to know the reasons for failure and then make sure you’ve built a model for success. Read more here.

How do I raise seed or venture capital?

There’s an abundance of capital available in the world but only 10% of startups get funded. We look here at some of the reasons.

What are OKR’s and how do I implement them?

Implementing ‘Objective Key Results’ successfully for your team can yield massive benefits. Read here for more.

How do I get a consistent flow of leads and sales?

Depending on the solution you’re building or growing, different lead generation and marketing strategies need to be deployed. Read more here.

How do I avoid running out of money when growing?

Growth sucks up cash like nothing else. The key therefore is to properly map out how you’ll use scarce resources.

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